I have suffered from anxiety around people for most of my life. Natalie quickly discovered the root cause of the problem and with some effective techniques guided me to reevaluate those events. That was 4 months ago, and I can say that the general discomfort that I used to feel around people has gone. Natalie, I can’t thank you enough for your skill and compassion in helping me improve my life.AR, London


I had smoked for more than 20 years. Natalie was able to help me see smoking in a new way which freed me to become the non-smoker I am now. I have been cigarette free for more than 6 months!AR, London


I’m a confident person, I’m personable and I can talk eloquently on topics where I have expertise. However, for some reason, in interviews or important meetings, I get very nervous, my voice feels like it’s a bit shaky and I sometimes find it difficult to articulate myself even though I know 100% what talking about. Natalie walked me through an exercise where I created a ‘sanctuary’ in my mind. Somewhere calm and secluded where I felt comfortable and at ease. The idea was that whenever I felt nervous I should go to my sanctuary and it would eliminate the nerves and make me feel calm. I have to admit I’m a bit of a cynic and was a little skeptical as to whether it would actually work but it did. Now whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation I go to my sanctuary and I’m back in control. No nervousness and no awkwardness just me performing at my best!Lauren, Norway


When I started with Natalie, I felt so low, I knew I needed to do something to boost my life again but couldn’t find the motivation or the confidence to this for myself. I was recommended Natalie by a friend and even on our first introductory facetime I started to feel able to tell her all those thoughts that you cant tell family and friends because you think they make you sound pathetic.

Her gentle and kind way of showing you that the negative thoughts you think about yourself are wrong never make you feel stupid but quickly highlight how they can hold you back and how you can stop them.

Week after week I started to feel more like myself and started getting out again. I was so sure that my self esteem was related to my weight but Natalie made me realise I can like myself no matter what size I am.

I cant recommend working with Natalie enough. She is a therapist, a brain re-trainer, an ego booster, a realist and a friend.Nicola, London