What is this NLP all about?

NLP was created in California the 1970’s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. They originally developed NLP as a way to model human excellence but it quickly developed into much more than that and has continued to do so over the years.

Our minds (neuro) and our language (linguistic) interact and how they do so affects our behavioural outcomes (programming). Everybody has their own map of the world and all information that we take in is run through this map and results in the subsequent, different outcomes, be that an opinion or a behaviour.

To give you an example, how many times have you had a discussion with friends or family about someone else’s behaviour but none of you could agree? If the behaviour of that person is a fact, why is it that each of you has a different view of it? Simply put, it is because everyone ran it through their own map of the world, applied their own criteria to it and ultimately it came ‘out the other side’ with a different spin on it.

This tells us that the world doesn’t make us do something or feel a certain way. We have the ability to change how we view things, including ourselves and our own behaviours. We have the ability to be more objective. We can choose how we react and feel in different situations and we can change our perspectives and beliefs to achieve objectives, overcome difficult past experiences or simply become better versions of ourselves.

NLP has a great many powerful techniques that can be used to give us this choice and perspective, which ultimately opens up to us a world full of possibilities. It is a popular technique amongst coaches and medical professionals but can be applied in all walks of life.