Life Coaching

Coaching and NLP go hand in hand for me. NLP is such a powerful and effective tool and applicable to so many situations that I always use it in my coaching. So what is coaching? And who needs it?

For those of you who prefer to watch rather than read I made this short video to explain who I am, what coaching is, what a typical coaching session is like and the kind of person who might need coaching (spoiler alert: typical doesn’t exist!). For the readers amongst you, keep reading!

What is Life Coaching?

“Life Coaching is working with a variety of different people for a variety of reasons so perhaps someone who has had a traumatic experience or something negative has happened in the past and they want to overcome it. It could also be someone who just feels a little stuck in their life and doesn’t know what they want to do or how to move forward and I work with them to help them find out what it is that they really want. It is also working with people to kick bad habits – quit smoking, lose weight etc. Ultimately, it is helping people to live happy and healthy lives. I also do personal training and combine it with Life Coaching to help people who need to find a healthy balance.

Who are my clients?

“To give an example, some of my clients come from academia, the financial sector and some are other life coaches because coaches need coaches too! Basically, Life Coaching is for everyone – you don’t need to come from a specific sector. Life Coaching is something that is available for people from all walks of life. If you have a problem or an outcome you would like to achieve, be that quitting smoking, running a marathon or just feeling better, you are a potential client.”

What will clients get by working with me?

“They will get whatever it is they wanted when they came to see me in the first place and very often they will get other things as well! When we do the work to figure out exactly what it is that they want, it’s quite common to realise that they either aren’t all that sure or what they think they want isn’t exactly what they really want and they discover that their goal or objective is actually something else! Life coaching is a lot of intensive work to help clients gain clarity and then from that point it is helping them to find the resources within themselves, and their own strength (that they already have) to achieve an objective of overcome whatever is holding them back and, ultimately, live happy and balanced lives.”

What is a typical Life Coaching session?

“It can either be face to face or via Skype depending on what the client prefers. It typically involves me asking hundreds and millions of questions because when you come, unless you have a specific objective – so, you want to run a marathon and need me to help with motivation or you want to quit smoking – it is not always 100% clear so we gain clarity through a lot of questioning! It is important to get to the root and make sure that what we are helping with is the thing that actually needs help and we are not overlooking something else. A session will be highly interactive. I also give my clients homework, which I expect them to do or they get into trouble! Sessions use a wide variety of techniques because every single person in the world is different and requires a different approach and a different solution. I am there to work as a guide – everyone has the ability to make change and to achieve things themselves they just need a little push sometimes and that is what I am for.”

Why do you love your job?

“People are amazing and sometimes they just need a little encouragement and help. I believe that everyone has the strength and ability to achieve great things whatever that may be. Great things has a different significance for different people. When I see how people evolve – that moment when someone realises ‘I can actually do this’ or ‘I have the strength, I have the ability, I have the resources to really do this!’ – and you see them do it for themselves, you don’t make them do it, they do it for themselves – and you get to see people move forward in their lives, you see how different they become, how happy they are and how self sufficient they can be it is really, really satisfying. It is the same for both Life Coaching and Personal Training because objectives are objectives and change is change and it is just an extremely fulfilling job watching people become the amazing versions of themselves that they have always been but didn’t know.”