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Life Coaching, NLP and Personal Training.


About Natalie

My name is Natalie Webster and I am a life coach, NLP practitioner and personal trainer. I studied a BA Honours degree in International Business and Modern Languages, which I loved but I was never really sure where I wanted to go from there…

More About Natalie

Life Coaching

Coaching and NLP go hand in hand for me. NLP is such a powerful and effective tool and applicable to so many situations that I always use it in my coaching. So what is coaching? And who needs it?


Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP has a great many powerful techniques that can be used to give us this choice and perspective, which ultimately opens up to us a world full of possibilities.


Personal Training

Come and have fun training with me either one to one, as a pair or in a group.


Nicola, London – When I started with Natalie, I felt so low, I knew I needed to do something to boost my life again but couldn’t find the motivation or the confidence to this for myself. I was recommended Natalie by a friend and even on our first introductory facetime I started to feel able to tell her all those thoughts that you cant tell family and friends because…

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